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I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

Although you may decide to ignore it, spotting one bedbug in your home can be a bad sign. Bedbugs do not live alone. Instead, they tend to thrive in large communities. Plus, they reproduce swiftly. You can guarantee that the bugs are going to reproduce and the problem will quickly worsen. Therefore, you cannot ignore what you saw. Even if it was one bedbug or two, you must begin taking steps to resolve this problem. Otherwise, the bugs will reproduce and you’ll have a bigger infestation to deal with.

Professional exterminators are always ready to help you. It is wise to get in touch with a professional once you’ve found bedbugs in your home. These professionals have years of experience dealing with bedbugs. They know where they’re hiding in your home. They can identify the infestation regardless of its size. A professional will thoroughly inspect your home to verify the infestation.

Then, they can use their innovative tools and techniques to wipe out the infestation. Just remember to get quotes from multiple exterminators before picking one.

Why You Must Not Ignore One Or Two Bedbugs

When you see one or two bedbugs in your home, you may think nothing of it. You may believe that the bugs are going to disappear or that it was just a coincidence. Truthfully, this is far from the truth. Bedbugs usually live in large groups. It is uncommon for one or two bedbugs to be found in a residence. Instead, the home will likely have hundreds of bedbugs although you haven’t seen them. Another problem is the fact that bedbugs reproduce rapidly.

Once these pests have entered your home, they will begin feeding and reproducing. During a female bedbug’s lifetime, she can lay as many as 500 eggs. Suffice to say, the infestation will quickly grow. You cannot ignore this problem since it is not going to improve on its own. Instead, the infestation will grow larger and you’ll have a bigger problem to deal with.

If you find bedbugs or other pests in your home, don’t delay calling a professional exterminator. With their assistance, you can fix the problem before it worsens. It isn’t easy to see bedbugs since they’re only 7mm in length at the maximum.

Difficulty Of Finding Bedbugs

Some bugs will roam your home without worrying about being spotted. Bedbugs are different since they don’t want to get caught. They’re going to adapt to your schedule to ensure that they’ll be able to feed without being spotted. Whether you sleep during the day or at night, the bedbugs will begin feeding while you’re asleep. It is not common to see bedbugs because they’ll stay hidden when you’re awake.

It doesn’t help that bedbug bites may not show any signs. You may develop a small, red welt after being bitten. Otherwise, you may not show any signs at all.

More About Bedbug Appearance

You have to know more about the appearance of the bedbug. Otherwise, you may have difficulty confirming that you’re dealing with a bedbug infestation. Since bedbugs are small, it is sometimes hard to see their small features. These pests are regularly mistaken for carpet beetles, fleas, and cockroach nymphs. They’re 10mm or smaller in length.

These reddish-brown pests are oval. They have six legs and antennas.

Common Signs Of Bedbugs In a Residence

Since it is hard to spot bedbugs, it is often easier to look for signs of an infestation. Check your home for the following issues.

  • Check your bedroom for bloodstains. Bedbugs tend to leave small bloodstains when they’re crushed after feeding.
  • You’ll also find their exoskeletons around your home since they shed. The exoskeletons look like bedbugs, but they’re translucent.
  • Bedbugs will leave eggs and casings around a home. They’re not easy to see because the eggs are tiny. They’re roughly the size of a pinpoint. Use a flashlight to spot them.
  • When bedbugs eat, they will have to use the bathroom. When doing so, they will leave small, black stains on your furniture, clothes, and sheets. The feces will resemble ink spots.
  • You may find bedbug bite marks on your skin. Be sure to check the parts of your body that touch the bed when you sleep. For instance, your arms, hands, back, and face may have red welts.
  • You can also smell bedbugs. They tend to emit a moldy smell. A sweet, musty odor could be a sign that you have a bedbug infestation.

Searching For Bedbugs Around Your Home

Bedbugs hide and stay put until you to sleep at night. Therefore, it is often very difficult to spot living bedbugs. Instead, you will have to go out of your way to find them. If you know how to search your home for bedbugs, you can likely identify an infestation before it severely worsens. One thing to remember is that bedbugs do not want to travel far from food sources. Since they consume human blood, it is common for them to hide on beds. It is best to start searching in your bedroom and spread outward.

Remove all covers, blankets, and pillowcases from your mattress and box spring. Check the sheets, mattress, and box spring carefully. Be sure to look between the small cracks and crevices. Grab a flashlight and begin looking at the bed frame. It’ll be hard to spot them here because bedbugs tend to blend in with the brown frame. Both sides of the mattress and box spring should be checked thoroughly. After you’ve finished inspecting your bed and frame, move to other areas of your bedroom.

Check your rugs, carpets, clothes, baseboards, and electric outlets. If you suspect bugs are hiding behind your baseboards, you can use a credit card to spot them. Use the card to scrape them up. A flashlight can help you spot eggs and exoskeletons.

Hiring A Professional Exterminator

Unfortunately, getting rid of bedbugs will not be easy. These pests tend to be very difficult to kill. DIY methods can help, but they may not eliminate every bug in your home. After the treatment, the surviving bugs will reproduce and create a big infestation again. It is time to call a professional exterminator to ensure that the problem is dealt with fully. Shop around to ensure that you get the best deal and the best exterminator.

Once an exterminator has examined your property, they will devise a plan to help rectify the problem. Remember that you can choose eco-friendly treatments such as heat and steam. Regardless, don’t delay hiring a professional.

FAQs Regarding Bedbug Infestations

Is There Just One Bedbugs In My Home?

You may only have one bedbug in your home. While it is unlikely, it could be one bedbug. However, you can guarantee that there are more bedbugs in your home. After finding one bug, call a professional to find out what you’re dealing with.

What Should Consumers Do When Spotting One Bedbug?

Don’t ignore this problem because it isn’t going to improve. If you find one bedbug in your home, there will likely be many more. Find a professional to help you resolve this problem right away.

What Is Considered A Bedbug Infestation?

When it comes to bedbug infestations, there is no particular number. An infestation may have hundreds or thousands of bedbugs.

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