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Steam Treatment

When there are unwanted invaders inside your precious home, you want them all out as quickly as possible. Little else will matter. Depending on the type of infestation you are facing, you could be losing countless hours of sleep or facing hundreds in miscellaneous damages. The situation is simply not good. Luckily, there is a one-treatment solution to all your problems. That treatment comes in the form of steam.

While steam treatments have grown increasingly popular and well-known for their effectiveness against bed bugs, these treatments are effective for most invading insects. Although they might not work on the biggest nuisances like rats or snakes, they will make quick work of beetles, cockroaches, bed bugs, box elder bugs, and a handful of other nuisance pests. Not only are steam treatments versatile, but they came with a wider range of benefits that might not be openly visible to homeowners at first.

How Do Steam Treatments Kill Invaders?

When it comes to pest control today, you’ll find out quickly that there is now a wide range of new treatments available. Treatments that probably weren’t available the last time you encountered a problem. This is all in part thanks to new technologies and developments made in the pest control industry. Our company is big on advancing technologies and anything that will allow us to better serve our customers.

That out of the way, you’ll notice that most of the newer treatment options involve extreme temperatures. That the whole heat treatment for example, cryonite, or even the steam treatment. Steam is a highly vaporous form of heat, right? It is, and it is the manipulation of temperatures that make these treatments so effective.

A steam treatment is virtually what the name insists. It’s a fine mist of highly potent steam that passes over specified areas in the home or building. While these machines can vary in degrees, the ones we utilize reach excessive temperatures of 183 degrees F or hotter. These are not your average, everyday steam machines, so don’t make the mistake of assuming you might be able to get off cheap and purchase one of these machines to tackle your pest invasion.

Not only that, but even though these treatments are virtually safe, steam at these temperatures can be dangerous in untrained hands. Immediately, when this steam reaches most insects, it kills them on contact. We have found that this is no doubt one of the better selling points of this type of treatment. What’s even better is that steam kills all stages of most insects. Whether it be an adult, an egg, or a larva, steam at these temperatures will eradicate life on contact.

Whole room heat temperature also utilizes high degrees of heat to kill bugs, but it is unfortunately not a contact-killing treatment. With these types of treatments, bugs will need to be exposed to higher temperatures for at least 90 minutes or more. The reasoning behind this is that whole room heat treatments exude a radiant heat like the sun rather than a highly condensed steam.

A Greener Solution

Although essential, for the past century, pest elimination has been a big drain on the environment. That’s because pest specialists had no other but to utilize harmful pesticides and insecticides to ward off unwanted invaders. That being said, there are still times when such treatments are needed, but our highly trained professionals always make sure they are applied in the safest manner possible. We leave no safety precautions unchecked when it comes to harsher chemicals. This is a big reason we try to recommend steam treatments whenever applicable.

Another good point with these treatments is that they require no downtime. If you’ve even had your property fumigated or bombed, you are familiar with the fact that the area usually ends up being vacated for several hours. Sometimes, even days. Immediately going back into the area after treatment would expose you to dangerously high concentrations of harsh chemicals.

This is not the case at all with steam treatments. Although not a practice our pest professionals like to apply, residents could remain on the property while steam treatments are administered. With that in mind, these treatments are not entirely 100% percent safe. Applied on sensitive materials or in an area for too long and you could end up destroying something.

You combine all this with the fact that steam can travel and penetrate areas where most chemicals can’t, and it is easy to understand why steam is such a sought-after pest solution. To get a quote on treatment or to find out if your property is applicable, give our office a call today and we’ll schedule your free consultation!

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