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Fleas are found around the country. They’re particularly bad in Bowling Green KY. Pet owners have to be very cautious because fleas tend to target pets more than people. Nevertheless, an infestation is going to impact humans and their dogs and cats. Since a pet infestation can quickly turn deadly, it is pertinent to be ready for potential problems. Learning how to identify and fix a flea infestation can help save your pet’s life. Fleas can spread illnesses such as plague and typhus. They also bite people and pets.

If you’ve found flea bites on your skin, it is time to call a professional exterminator.

Common Fleas In Bowling Green

Today, researchers have identified a handful of flea species. Nevertheless, some are more common than others. In our service area, we primarily have to deal with cat fleas. Despite the name, cat fleas are going to target a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, skunks, foxes, and more. If you have wildlife around your property, there is a higher risk that you’re going to encounter fleas. They’re difficult to deal with because they’re small, fast, and very thin. You won’t be able to grab them between your fingers since they will jump out of danger.

Typically, cat fleas are only an eighth of an inch in length. If you look at them from above, you’ll see how thin they are. They’re as thin as a credit card. Your pet can bring fleas to your property. Alternatively, fleas can cling to your clothes or shoes to ride home with you.

Be Cautious About Flea Bites

You may decide to ignore a small bite on your forearm. Although it seems like a minor issue, this could be a big mistake. If you were bitten by a flea, you must understand that the problem is going to worsen rapidly. Fleas will reproduce rapidly so the infestation is quickly going to worsen. Before you know it, there will be a lot more fleas in your home. Plus, you must remember that flea bites can be incredibly dangerous. These pests can spread illnesses and hurt your pets.

They can spread tapeworms and cause severe blood loss. Tackle the problem by working with us before it worsens.

Keeping Fleas Away From Your Home

It is very difficult to deal with a flea infestation. These pests are fast and thin so you won’t be able to kill them with your hands. Plus, many DIY methods are not effective. Therefore, it can be difficult to resolve this issue. We believe it is best to work with a professional. However, you should also try to keep these pests away from your home. If you can do that, you won’t have to worry about the risks involved. Use the advice below to keep fleas away from your residence.

  • Don’t adopt a pet haphazardly. Reconsider this decision since the pet might have fleas. They’ll begin fleas into your home and infest your other animals.
  • If you’re a pet owner, be sure to give your pets anti-parasite products. These medications should help prevent and control fleas.
  • Always mow your lawn. If your grass is three inches or higher, fleas will have more places to hide. Cut your grass to keep fleas away.
  • Never feed the wild animals around your property. Deer, skunk, rabbits and other animals can carry fleas.
  • Prevent animals from climbing under your porch or deck. Install fencing to ensure that animals cannot climb underneath.
  • Check your pets for potential issues regularly. When bathing them, you should check for signs of fleas and flea dirt.
  • Look at your pets’ bedding. You may find fleas and dirt on their sheets, covers, and pillows.
  • Use your vacuum to eliminate fleas around your home. Vacuum your furniture, carpenter, and other items to remove fleas and flea eggs.

There is no guarantee that you’ll be able to prevent fleas from entering your home. Unfortunately, your pets cannot live in bubbles. Therefore, there will always be a slim risk that you’re going to deal with a flea infestation. Once you’ve spotted them around your pets, call our office. We have the best flea treatments to guarantee that your home will be pest-free before you know it.

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