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Ants are everywhere meaning you’ve seen them at some point. If you’re lucky, these pests are nowhere near your home. Once they’ve decided to enter your residence, you’re going to experience a variety of problems. These social insects are members of the Formicidae family. Since they’re social pests, they’re going to work together consistently. Whether they’re searching for food, building new tunnels, or caring for the queen, the ants are going to work as a team.

Ants are unique in appearance since they have elbowed antennas. Their bodies are pinched in the middle. Some estimates claim that there are 14,000 total species of ants, but over 12,000 species have been classified. While these pests aren’t dangerous, they can create issues for certain consumers. Working with a professional exterminator is highly recommended.

Reasons You Have Ants

Ants want to build colonies outside of residences. Tens of thousands of ants can live in underground nests. Once they’ve found a suitable location, they will begin working diligently to build new tunnels and care for the queen. As this happens, the ants will leave their nests to forage for food. Depending on the location of the nest, they may decide to enter your home. Ants are small enough to slip through the smallest holes and gaps around your home.

They can enter through gaps around utility lines, eaves, door frames, plumbing pipes, and more. Blocking these gaps can help, but ants may still find a way to enter your home.

Potential Dangers

Residents should be careful about allowing pests to enter their residences. Some pests are dangerous. While others aren’t, they can still create a nuisance in the home. Keeping ants out is highly recommended. They can enter your residence and infest your food. While they’re not going to spread illnesses, you may decide to throw the food out because the thought is hideous.

Eliminating Ants From A Residence

Have you found many ants in your residence? You must take steps to get rid of them immediately. Our technicians can help. We offer an ant program that can eliminate various species. We’ll take care of the problem swiftly and conveniently. Alternatively, homeowners can try rectifying the problem using a combination of DIY methods. First, thoroughly clean the home to ensure that the pests cannot access food. Furthermore, you should prevent them from entering your home again in the future.

We recommend calling our office so we can help you resolve this problem right away.

DIY Methods For Ants

You’ve likely worried about working with an exterminator since the price can be expensive. We understand this wholeheartedly. DIY methods may be suitable for certain situations. Certain methods can indeed be effective, but some are not. When using do-it-yourself methods, homeowners should be very careful. There is a risk that someone is going to use dangerous chemicals.

These chemicals could harm you, your loved ones, and your pets. Professional exterminators use the safest techniques to protect the homeowner and their loved ones. We recommend calling our office to resolve this problem safely.

When Can You Get Here?

We’re always ready to help our clients. We follow precise protocols to ensure that our methods can be implemented swiftly. Call our office to schedule an appointment. We’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. Get in touch with our representative immediately so the problem can be taken care of right away.

Safest Ant Removals

We always put our client’s safety first. Plus, we want to protect our technicians. We achieve this goal by using the latest and safest EPA-approved solutions. We’re not going to use anything that could potentially create problems for you or your family members. Instead, our technicians are careful to ensure that they’ll be okay during each step. When you return home, you will be safe.

Preventing Invasions

Unfortunately, ants are difficult to prevent because they’re small and smart. They can squeeze through the smallest gaps around your home. Although you can block them by sealing these gaps, there is no guarantee that they will stay out. Instead, it is wise to be prepared for a potential infestation. Write down our phone number so you can be ready to work with us. Call as soon as you find ants in and around your residence.

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