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Box Elder Bugs

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The box elder bug is a common pest across the United States. Residents of Bowling Green may encounter this pest at some point. While box elder bugs are not dangerous, they can lead to serious problems for homeowners and renters. Since the bug is only half an inch in length, they will easily find a way to sneak into your residence.

Why Are Box Elder Bugs In My Home?

In general, box elder bugs want to enter residences to avoid being exposed to cold weather. The bug fits into the overwintering pest category. Therefore, they’re going to find a way to find from the cold winter weather. In late summer, they will attempt to find ways to sneak into homes and businesses.

Again, they’re small enough to slip through the smallest holes. Suffice to say, keeping them out of your residence will not be easy.

How Dangerous Are Box Elder Bugs?

You may believe that box elder bugs are dangerous. Although their presence can be annoying, these pests are not going to expose you to any risk. They’re not dangerous and should cause no serious health risk. Nevertheless, you’ll likely want to eliminate them from your home promptly.

Eliminating An Infestation Of Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bugs can be difficult to eliminate. These pests are tough to deal with because they can hide in the smallest cracks and corners. Once they’ve started hiding in your home, getting them out will be hard. The best way to resolve the problem is by working with a reputable exterminator. Our technicians are here to help. Once you’ve called us, you can guarantee that your problem will be resolved shortly. We can eliminate box elder bugs and other residential pests.

DIY Eliminations

Some homeowners are not eager to work with professional exterminators for numerous reasons. We understand this wholeheartedly, but strongly recommend avoiding DIY methods. These methods tend to be ineffective at best. In the worst cases, they’re going to be dangerous. Suffice to say, it is often best to let a professional remove the box elder bugs from your home. DIY remedies may not work so you may end up wasting your time and money. On the other hand, you could expose yourself to dangerous chemicals.

Let us help you to reduce the risks involved.

When Can An Exterminator Arrive?

We’re eager to begin helping you rectify this problem and reclaim your home. We have exterminators on standby to ensure that your problem can be addressed right away. When you’re ready to remove these pests from your residence, call our office. We can get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. After that, we’ll help you schedule an appointment.

The Safest Box Elder Bug Treatments

Our technicians are serious about protecting you and your loved ones. We’re not going to do anything to expose you to any risks. Instead, we’re going to take steps to ensure that everything is going to be okay. Our technicians are trained to follow rigorous protocols to ensure that the client will be okay. We’ll use the latest EPA-approved chemicals to rectify the problem. When you decide to pick us as your exterminator, you can guarantee that you won’t be exposed to any dangerous chemicals. We’ve got your back in your fight against box elder bugs.

Preventing Invasions Of Box Elder Bugs

Unfortunately, box elder bugs are small and sneaky. They’re tricky enough to slip through the smallest holes to enter your home. You may never be able to stop them from getting inside. Nevertheless, you can rectify the problem quickly by working with our skilled exterminators. Be ready to call us when you find box elder bugs in your home.

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