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There are many myths involving earwigs. Some people claim that these bugs are going to climb into human ears so they can burrow into brains. Once they’ve done this, they’ll lay eggs. Thankfully, this is only a myth. You don’t have to worry about this happening because it isn’t true. Nevertheless, this member of the Dermaptera order can create big problems for you and your loved ones. They have an unsettling appearance so their presence in your home will be concerning. They can also climb into your food causing you to throw it away.

Earwigs have pincers called cerci that can pinch your skin from time to time. Even when this happens, the pests are not going to break your skin. A male will have larger and curvier cerci. The length can vary. Some earwigs have small cerci that can barely be seen. Others will have cerci that are a third of their length. Another unique thing about earwigs is that some have wings while others do not.

Research has positively identified more than 900 Dermaptera species. The most common species reside in temperate climates. Have you found earwigs in your residence? Don’t delay getting rid of them because they’re not going to leave on their own.

Why Are Earwigs In My Residence?

If you can find out why earwigs are entering your residence, you may be able to take steps to keep them out. Earwigs do not like hot, dry weather. As summer approaches, earwigs are going to try to sneak into your home to escape the weather. Earwigs want to be in warm, dark, damp areas. Your home or business will prove plenty of great spots. Once they’ve entered your home, they’re going to find a place to hide and reproduce. Then, the problem is going to worsen quickly.

Another thing to remember about earwigs is that they’re nocturnal. Therefore, you likely won’t see them during the day. Instead, they’ll come out at night to try to find food. While they can live anywhere in the home, most earwigs are found in kitchens, basements, and bathrooms. They will eat mites, fleas, and other arthropods. They can also eat plants. If you have a flea infestation, you’ll likely find earwigs in your home too.

Can Earwigs Hurt You?

Many residents are worried about the dangers associated with earwig infestations. They’ve heard the myths and many believe that these pests are dangerous. Thankfully, they’re not. Thankfully, earwigs won’t hurt you. They can sometimes pinch people using their cerci. Even when they do, they’re not powerful enough to break the skin. They’re not going to hurt or cause any bleeding. Plus, they do not spread venom or disease. The biggest issue with earwigs is the fact that they’re going to damage your plants.

If you have an indoor garden, they will begin destroying your plants right away. Getting rid of them is the best way to protect your precious blossoms.

Best Ways To Eliminate Earwigs

It can be difficult to deal with the infestation of earwigs. These pests are intelligent and sneaky. Therefore, they’re going to remain hidden until the sun goes down. These pests tend to approach moisture and light. Once they see the light coming from your home, they will begin approaching the residence. The best way to eliminate them is by reducing the earwig population around your home. Reduce the amount of light coming from your home.

For instance, you should switch from white or neon lights to sodium vapor yellow lights. The latter lights are less attractive. You’ll also want to consider blocking your windows so the light inside doesn’t shine through. Finally, make sure that your home is properly sealed. Block any gaps around your home to ensure that these pests cannot find a way to sneak into your home.

When Can Your Technician Arrive?

We’re eager to help you resolve your earwig problems. We recommend calling our office immediately. After we’ve received your initial call, we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. An appointment will be scheduled. Before you know it, your earwigs will be eliminated.

The Safest Earwig Eliminations

We’re serious about protecting our clients. We put your safety above all else. We’re going to protect you by using the safest methods. For instance, we’re going to use EPA-registered solutions to guarantee that nobody is going to expose to dangerous materials. In addition to this, our technicians have received extensive training so they will follow precise protocols. We’ll make sure that everyone in your home will be protected. Once we’ve finished, you’ll be able to return to your residence right away.

You can rest assured knowing that our methods are not dangerous to anyone or pets.

Preventing Earwig Invasions

Ultimately, it is often best to take steps to keep earwigs out of your residence. If you can keep them out, you’ll be able to avoid having to deal with a massive infestation. It won’t be easy, but you can do it. Start by preventing light from coming through your doors and windows. You’ll also want to switch the light bulbs on your porch. Properly seal the gaps around your home to ensure that these pests cannot find a way to enter your residence.

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