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Heat Treatment

Considering the economy today, not many home or property owners are in a financial condition to face an unexpected pest invasion. Even if you were financially fit, why throw good money away for something that could have likely been avoided. That aside, specific pests are not only extremely tough to fully eradicate, but they can cause major disruptions in your life or business. The word bed bugs only need to be mentioned in the hospitality industry, and your customers will run in the opposite direction as fast as they can.

Going back to the financial theory, successful pest eradication can quickly become expensive. This is especially true when you find yourself trying unsuccessful treatment after unsuccessful treatment. Turning to the pros can be just as expensive, even more so if you don’t choose the right company, but this is exactly why we’ve added thermal heat treatments to our already stacked pest solutions.

How Exactly Does Thermal Heat Kill Invaders?

If you’ve recently conducted any research on modern pest solutions, you’ve likely heard something about thermal heat, steam, or cryonite treatments. Although not entirely anything new, such treatments are now the talk of the pest industry. In fact, cryonite treatment has been successfully used in the pest industry for decades. It just wasn’t until recently that this popular form of pest control got adopted in the United States.

Thermal heat treatments have been around since the early 1900s. Sure, they have adapted and improved since their induction, but the basic theory and principles remain the same. Both cryonite and thermal heat treatment involves manipulating temperatures in a specific area. It is just that cryonite involves extreme cold temperatures, whereas thermal heat involves higher, much hotter temperatures.

Typical heat treatment involves bringing in specialized heating equipment and deflectors to block off and heat specific, infected areas of a home or building. It typically involves raising the temperature in these specified areas to 180 degrees or sometimes higher. When exposed to these extreme temperatures for 90 minutes or longer, all forms of most common insects will die. Eggs, adults, or larva, will all virtually be dried up. Think of it as getting too close to the sun.

Thermal Heat The Most Effective Pest Solution?

While researching the pest industry, you’ve likely heard great debates regarding the efficiency of specific treatments. You’ve probably come across many great points and information. As pest professionals, it would be hard for us to confidently say that thermal heat treatment is the most effective form of treatment. There is simply no denying that it is very effective and has a lot of great selling points.

The advantages of such a treatment are far and wide, there is no negating that. The mere fact that the treatment kills all stages of most common insects makes it a top contender. You throw in the fact that thermal heat can reach beyond surfaces and walls where a lot of chemicals can’t go, and it only adds to the overall efficiency of the treatment.

Add to that the fact that it is eco-friendly, and it is easy to make an argument for this treatment. However, the efficiency and effectiveness of pest control solutions are more than just about the solution itself. We’ve said it over and over, and we’ll say it again. Pest control is not a one-time job. The best way to accurately describe it would be to categorize it as a recovering addict. It’s something you’ll battle every day of your life.

It’s also a process that takes everyone involved. Sure, good pest treatment is the best place to start, but if you don’t practice good pest control etiquette after, you are just wasting your time. You need to maintain a clean, neat, and organized area. You need to keep a keen and vigilant eye, and you need to ensure your home or building is up to code. No cracks in the foundation or not accessible vents or screens. This is the exact way pests get into the home.

Proper Heat Monitoring

Our professionals take pest control extremely seriously. We know that it’s an expensive process and can get hard to come up with the extra money in these times. Therefore, we want to ensure that we help eliminate the problem efficiently as possible. Offering thermal heat treatment is one of the best ways for us to accomplish this. However, heat treatment is only as good as the team administering it.

The key to effective heat treatment is ensuring that high temperatures are sustained without fluctuation. That’s exactly why we go the extra mile and install specialized heat monitors. As was previously stated, in order for thermal to be effective, pests need to be exposed to temperatures for 90 minutes or longer.

When we bring in special heaters to heat specific areas of the home, we also bring in monitors. These monitors will alert our techs if and when the temperatures start dropping off, allowing them to make the necessary and proper adjustments. Along with this, we also offer follow-up visits and a satisfaction guarantee.

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