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Briarwood Manor

If you’re looking to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at an affordable price in Bowling Green, Kentucky, you must visit Briarwood Manor. The upscale community has gorgeous homes with various amenities like a clubhouse, a pool, tennis courts, and more. The location is unbeatable as Briarwood Manor is situated in Bowling Green’s most sought-after neighborhood. It is easily accessible to restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and high-quality schools. The lifestyle here provides the advantages of a small town while enjoying the conveniences of a large city. It is also close to many recreational and cultural centers for those who want an active lifestyle. Briarwood Manor is located near South Glen Cables, Fountain Square, and Aviation Heritage Park.

Briarwood Manor’s median estate cost is $351,661, making it more expensive than 89.5 percent of neighborhoods in Kentucky and 59.1 percent in the U.S. Based on the analysis, the average rent for Briarwood Manor is at present $1,398. The median rental price in the neighborhood is more than 81.9 percent of the neighborhood in Kentucky. Briarwood Manor can be described as a suburb (based on the density of population) situated in Bowling Green, KY. Briarwood Manor real estate comprises moderate-sized (three- or four-bedroom homes) to larger (four or more bedrooms) single-family residences, apartment complexes, and high-rise apartments. The owner owns the majority of homes in real estate. Many homes in the Briarwood Manor neighborhood have been built but aren’t old. They were constructed between the years 1970 and 1999. Several residences were built between 2000 and today. The real estate availability within Briarwood Manor ranges from 3.6 percent less than the average of 78.5 percent of American communities. The demand for residential real estate within Briarwood Manor is higher than average in the U.S. This could indicate a need for either price hikes or the construction of new residential properties in the neighborhood.


It is the Briarwood Manor area. It is thought to be a good choice for executives who want lifestyles. It is rated superior to 91.7 percent of Kentucky communities that offer executive-level living. This is based on professional professionals who are educated, wealthy as well as managers, executives, and managers who prefer to live here and the large homes that are the mainstay that makes up the estate in this neighborhood, as well as the substantial actual estate appreciation rates in this neighborhood when compared to other neighborhoods within the state. Additionally, it is an excellent option for skilled executives; this area is ideal for active retirees. A1 Pest Control Bowling Green

Do you think the Briarwood Manor neighborhood contains the highest percentage of Belgian and Slovak ancestral residents living there than every area in America? It’s true! 1.0 percent of the neighborhood’s residents are of Belgian origins, and 1.3 percent are of Slovak roots.

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