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Crestmoor, located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is a lovely, family-friendly neighborhood. There are numerous activities and events that residents can take part in, and the sense of community is robust. Crestmoor homes Crestmoor are priced reasonably and come in various sizes and styles. One of the best advantages of Crestmoor is the fact that it’s conveniently located. It is easy to get to all of the leading restaurants and shops in Bowling Green, and the highway is just a short distance away. If you’re searching for an area to call home, Crestmoor should be at the top of your list. You’ll be impressed by the warm and welcoming residents, convenient location, and great amenities.

Crestmoor’s median estate price is $271,010, which is more than 73.6 percent of the communities in Kentucky and 44.6 percent in the U.S. The median rental cost in Crestmoor is currently $1,336, per the analysis. The cost of renting in the neighborhood is more than 76.2 percent of all communities in Kentucky. Crestmoor is a suburb (based on density) situated within Bowling Green, KY. Crestmoor real estate includes moderate-sized (three or four bedrooms) to larger (four, five, or more bedrooms) single-family residences and smaller apartments. A mix of homeowners and renters is the predominant form of residential real estate. Most of the homes within Crestmoor Crestmoor area are old, established, and constructed 1940 between 1940 and 1969. A few of them were built in the period between 1990 and. The vacancy rate for apartments and homes is 7.7 percent in Crestmoor.  Analysis indicates that this is less than 53.0 percent of the communities across the country, which is about mid-range for vacant properties.

Neighborhood Characteristics

A staggering 12.7 percent of the inhabitants of the Crestmoor area are attending colleges. This is a huge aspect of life in the community that changes drastically with the transition of the semester and is quieter in the summer months when most students are off. In addition to a good mix of college students, the neighborhood is safe from crime and has good walking and walking distances; the Crestmoor neighborhood has a high rating as a student-friendly area to live in, a place that college students and their parents might want to think about.  Analysis indicates that it is rated more as a desirable area for college students than 89.4 percent of neighborhoods in KY. This indicates that the neighborhood has specific amenities and services available to college students, from undergraduates to graduate students. A1 Pest Control Bowling Green

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