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Beech Bend

Beech Bend is an amusement park camping area, campground, and auto race track within Warren County, in the U.S. state of Kentucky, located close to Bowling Green, Kentucky. The park’s name comes from a bend in the Barren River, where beech trees can be found throughout the region. The park was utilized for picnics in the 1880s. Charles Garvin purchased the park property in the mid-1940s, adding rides, amusements, and other recreational activities through the decades. First, there was a pony ride later, followed by a roller-skating arena and dance hall, a bowling center, and a pool.

The park 2001 opened in 2001; the Looping Star roller coaster was 31 feet high and 1,202 feet long. In 2001, the Gold Rush Miniature Golf course was added to the park in 2003. In the latter part of 2002, work began with the Splash Lagoon water park, a continuation of the Olympic-sized pool, the Ragin Rapids Water Slides, and Lotta Wotta Island, a playground for children. It was initially set to open in 2003. But, the grand opening was delayed then. Splash Lagoon opened on May 22, 2004. By 2005, Beech Bend Park had more than 40 rides, 500 camping areas with modern amenities, newly renovated race facilities, a water park, and several large outdoor picnic areas. In addition, the racetracks were host to numerous Corvette race events (the park is just a couple of miles from the General Motors factory that produces the sports car) and an annual NHRA Hot Rod Reunion. The park also opened with a Zamperla Twisting Wild Mouse Coaster Zamperla Steamboat and a drop tower dubbed The Shock Drop for the 2005 season. A1 Pest Control Bowling Green

On November 4, 2004, at the IAAPA trade exhibition in Orlando, Florida, Dallas Jones began talks with Great Coasters International about constructing a wooden roller coaster in Beech Bend Park. In July 2005, it was confirmed that the ride was scheduled to open in 2006. It would come with a height of 96 feet (29 m), and the ride would have an 82-foot (25 millimeters) drop, a max velocity of 47 miles (76 km) per hour, and a contest was to be held to decide its name. On October 28 and October 28, 2005, the park announced that this ride would be named Kentucky Rumbler. The roller coaster was officially opened on May 6, 2006.

The year 2009 was when Beech Bend of Bowling Green debuted the Chance Rides Sea Dragon ride bought at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch and was believed to be the most popular ride of Michael Jackson. It, also known as the Looping Star Roller Coaster, was taken down at the close of the 2009 season. In the year 2010, Beech Bend opened a significant expansion of the waterpark (wave pool lazy river, a wave pool, and an inflatable structure for water play) and also the Zamperla family tea cup ride, a kid’s quad runner, as well as the construction of a theater. It was billed as the biggest in the history of Beech Bend and was set to open in early May. Unfortunately, the expansion was delayed for two months because of the recent Tennessee floods, and the waterplay structure and the theater were not opened until the beginning of the 2011 season. The first attraction at the park that was open that of, the Ferris wheel, was standing but was not operational for the entire season. It was then removed to make way for the 2011 season.

Address: 798 Beech Bend Park Rd, Bowling Green, KY

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