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Fountain Square Park

Recently restored, the famous fountain in Downtown Bowling Green is a must-see for anyone new to town! The park also went through a renovation, and a new phase is expected shortly, so Fountain Square Park is truly the shining jewel of Bowling Green and one of the top places in the city for pictures.

Fountain Square Park’s colorful heritage dates back to the Civil War. The plans to build the Park were formulated in 1870. Today, the park is within the Downtown square’s districts. It is a beautiful view to enjoy all year long. Fountain Square Park is beautifully designed throughout spring, summer, and autumn, displaying the most beautiful flowers and plants. It’s the ideal spot to take a stroll, relax on one of the benches, walk your dog, or tie the knot with your best friend. The park is also the site of numerous seasonal events like Concerts in the Park in the summer and Downtown Lights Up! during the Christmas season. The park is illuminated during the holiday season with festive decorations and lighting for everyone to take in.

Fountain Square

Prohibitionists have marched through the area, trolleys circled it, and parades of all kinds- circus, historical, military, homecoming Irish, and political head around it. Scrap drives are with headquarters in this area; Civil War soldiers knew the area. Numerous farm animals were sold here, as have exquisite horses, pageants were held here, and veterans were welcomed in the town People have traded and sold all kinds of items here. These buildings have gone and come back. Anyone familiar with local history will be denied this fact: Fountain Square is Bowling Green’s iconic marker of its past. It’s certainly the town’s most charming and long-lasting iconic landmark. A1 Pest Control Bowling Green

Robert Moore, one of the area’s earliest residents, donated two acres of land to Warren County to build public structures in 1797. The site was where the courthouse was constructed in logs soon after. Afterward, the county added a log jail, a pillory, stock, a log clerk’s bureau, and a market house. In 1813, a brand new courthouse made of red brick was built and decorated with a white cupola.

Following the Civil conflict, citizens of the county demanded the construction of a new courthouse. It’s unclear why it wasn’t built on this spot. However, the city purchased a piece of land at the intersection of Plain and Bridge Streets (10th and College) and exchanged the property for the square.

A majority was reached for creating a park from the former square. The work was to be awaited until the completion of the courthouse. The sale of $6,000 bonds funded the park’s construction. John Cox Underwood, an engineer/architect and 2nd mayor of Bowling Green, Kentucky, drew up an outline to build the park around 1870. Underwood had thought of expanding the area from Main Street to the new courthouse (occupying the entirety of Frozen Row or Park Row); however, the lack of budget relegated the extravagant plan to the present site of the park.

Address: 445 E Main Ave, Bowling Green, KY

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