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NCM Motorsports Park

The concept of constructing the Motorsports Park to complete the Corvette Museum experience began in 2007. The popularity of the High-Performance Driving Events (HPDE) and the positive feedback from people who loved exercising their cars attracted the attention of the Museum’s Chief Executive Officer, Wendell Strode. When the opportunity arose to purchase a property adjacent to the current NCM campus idea, it was initially suggested to make it a track. Still, it was determined that there wasn’t enough space to run it properly. However, it was an idea that could be worth exploring further.

At the time, Museum development was the main focus, which is why the track design was removed. The situation changed when a property owner with 20 acres on the opposite side of the interstate called the Museum and suggested that she sell her land for future expansion. Another 50 acres became available, bringing the total to around 70 acres. Strode and Museum Board of Directors members agreed that the land must be purchased since it is an excellent investment, even if the track doesn’t receive the funding required to be built. A1 Pest Control Bowling Green

Once the expansion was completed, and the business case was strong for the creation of a Motorsports Park prompted the NCM management to hire the track’s designer Alan Wilson (Miller Motorsports Park, NOLA Motorsports Park, Barber Motorsports Park, and other places) in the capacity of a consultant as well as others who determined that additional property was required to create a world-class facility that it was destined to become. The total area of 184 acres was purchased, and as support from members increased, so did the energy and excitement. The track’s creator Steve Crawford (Thunder Hill, Ridge Motorsports Park), was employed to create the road course, with the input of Corvette Racing, resulting in an incredibly flexible track layout that incorporates elements taken from Le Mans, making the NCM Motorsports Park the track that any motorsports enthusiast would love to race on.

The Motorsports Park aims to create an enjoyable and safe environment where drivers of all ages, interests,s, and skill levels can improve their performance behind the driving wheel. It doesn’t matter if the goal is the teenage safety of drivers or the excitement of high-performance driving for recreational purposes. Participants can gain knowledge in a classroom and on the track with a qualified instructor specifically designed to help learners improve their capabilities and acquire abilities that can be transferred to the real world.

With more than 1.5 miles of road frontage along Interstate 65 and being located just across from the National Corvette Museum (NCM) and the Corvette Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, the Motorsports Park is one of the most centrally-located and easy-to-access driving areas in the United States. The Park is located on 419 acres.

The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is a registered non-profit foundation that is the sole proprietor of the NCM Motorsports Park. As the most well-known automobile museum dedicated to one model and its history, the NCM is dedicated to preserving the Corvette’s history and its present and future.

Address: 505 Kimberlee A Fast Dr, Bowling Green, KY

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