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The median Greystone, real estate price, is $237,630, which is higher than 75.3 percent of the communities in Kentucky and 40.7 percent in the U.S. According to a thorough study, the average rent for Greystone stands at $1,350. The cost of renting in the neighborhood is more than 77.5 percent of communities in Kentucky. Greystone is a suburb (based on population density) situated within Bowling Green, Kentucky. Greystone real estate comprises moderate-sized (three or four bedrooms) to larger (four, five, six, or more bedrooms) single-family homes and mobile homes. The owner owns the majority of residential real estate. Many homes located in The Greystone neighborhood are established but not old. They were built between the year 1970 between 1999 and 1970. Several residences were built between 2000 and today. The vacancy rate for apartments and homes is 7.1 percent in Greystone.


When you first walk into an area, the most important thing to consider is its appearance and the homes and surroundings. Certain areas look similar. However, they reveal their individuality after living for some time because they have a distinct mixture of cultural or occupational groups. A1 Pest Control Bowling Green

Do you think that the Greystone neighborhood contains more outstanding Yugoslav and Ukrainian ancestral residents living there than every neighborhood in America? It’s true! 3.8 percent of this area’s residents are of Yugoslav roots, while 3.0 percent are of Ukrainian ancestral ancestry.

The Neighbors

The term “culture” refers to the expected behavior of individuals. Undoubtedly, various ethnic groups and ancestries are influenced by different traditions of culture, which is why communities with high concentrations of residents belonging to either one or more ethnicity or ancestral heritage will exhibit other practices. This is why it is so enjoyable to visit the North End in Boston to explore Italian bakeries, restaurants, the culture and charm, and why people like going to Chinatown, located in San Francisco.

In the Greystone neighborhood of Bowling Green, KY, residents generally declare their ethnicity or ancestral roots as English (9.7 percent). However, there are also several residents with Irish heritage (8.9 percent) and residents who claim German roots (6.3 percent). Some residents also have Scottish heritage (4.6 percent), some French people (3.9 percent), and others.


A neighborhood can be quite different when it is ruled by enlisted military personnel instead of those who earn their living from farming. Also, it is distinct if most residents are managers or have clerical support. However, the best part is the variety of neighborhoods, which allows you to choose the one that is a good fit for your lifestyle and goals.

In the Greystone neighborhood in Bowling Green, 31.7% of the workforce is employed in service and sales jobs ranging from large sales accounts to fast-food restaurants. The second-highest occupation in the neighborhood is the executive, management, and professional positions, which account for 30.8 percent of the population employed. Finally, most residents are employed in labor and manufacturing jobs (25.1 percent) and 12.5 percent in clerical tech support, assistant, and other professions.

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