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The median downtown real estate cost is $504,295, which is higher than 95.9 percent of the communities in Kentucky and 73.9 percent in the U.S. The median rent downtown is currently $874, based on a complete analysis. The rent here is significantly lower than 84.2 percent in Kentucky neighborhoods. Downtown is an urban area (based on population density) situated within Bowling Green, Kentucky. Downtown real estate comprises smaller (studio to two bedrooms) to large (three or four bedrooms) apartment complexes/high-rise homes and small apartment structures. The majority of property that is residential estate is rented to renters.

Many homes in downtown Downtown neighborhoods are more modern and were built in 2000 or later. Many homes were built between 1940 and 1969. Downtown has a 12.9 percent vacancy rate, much higher than the norm compared to other U.S. neighborhoods (higher than 69.8 percent in American cities). The majority of vacant homes Downtown are empty all year. This could signify an unsatisfactory need for an estate in the area or that many new homes have been constructed but not yet filled with people. Whatever the reason, if you are a resident here, there are likely to be vacant apartments or homes.


The Downtown neighborhood is distinctive in Kentucky due to its student-friendly atmosphere. Analyzing the neighborhood, it is evident that it is home to several colleges, is comparatively accessible, and is higher than average in terms of safety. These factors make it an attractive area for college students to think about. Since many college students reside in this area, the neighborhood could be near the campus of a college and provide particular amenities targeted at the students. While it’s not the ideal place that is suitable for all, students can enjoy the excitement of the season between the school year and break, and parents can sleep in peace knowing that the area is above average in terms of safety. Because of this, the area is one of the most desirable 5.4 percent of college-friendly locations to reside in Bowling Green.


In the Downtown neighborhood of Bowling Green, KY, residents typically identify their ethnicity as German (9.9 percent). Several residents are of Irish origin (8.9 percent) and residents with English roots (6.5 percent), a few residents who also have Scottish heritage (4.4 percent) and a few Polish people (3.8 percent), and others.


The possibility of moving to new locations against the comforts of staying home. How often and how often individuals move may create diverse and global communities but also result in the absence of feeling connected to the surrounding area and a loss of connection with one’s neighbors.  The exclusive study has found the Downtown neighborhood to be unique in the tempo of its population. Within the Downtown area, a higher percentage of residents today who were not in the community five years ago than 98.9 percent of U.S. Neighborhoods. In addition to any other neighborhood in America, the neighborhood is home to new residents from different areas. A1 Pest Control Bowling Green

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